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About Africa Craft Trust

The Africa Craft Trust comprises a small tight team, closely assisted by its Board. We draw extensively on a local and international network of specialists. Trust consultant expertise includes market-conscious design, small business expertise and specialised facilitation skills. The Trust responds to the demands of communities and key stakeholders.

Our concern for sustainability motivates frugal use of all resources entrusted to us. We encourage craft businesses to limit their environmental impact.


Our respected methodology evolved from a global US-based craft development agency, AID to Artisans Inc (ATA). In 1998 a South African-based organisation developed as the local implementing arm for programs run by ATA. Two years later ATA received a large USAID Matching Grant Award to implement the Pan-African Artisans Enterprise Development (PAED) Program in Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa. Matching funding was provided by the Ford Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

In 2005 a non-profit organisation was registered in South Africa as the Aid to Artisans South Africa Trust (ATASA). In 2010 ATASA was renamed the Africa Craft Trust. In 2017 the Africa Craft Trust merged with The New Basket Workshop, a South African-registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) catering to the special needs of African rural basket producers. The merger pooled resources and expertise which had been acquired in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Ghana.

In 2010 the Africa Craft Trust was formally established as an independent South African-registered not-for-profit trust.