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“I first attended the Trust’s training more than 10 years ago. It brought a great impact into our business and we started exporting our products without fear, as we learnt how to cost our products, how to pack them and understand FOB and EX-Works for national and international markets. In August 2017, I attended the AMP again … It also refreshed my mind on product development, colour trend and market readiness. My team is capable of handling huge orders for buyers such as TJmaxx, Cost Plus and HomeGoods while still not forgetting our small and long-time buyers…”

— P. Pedro, Professional Wireworks, Cape Town

The Africa Craft Trust is a Johannesburg-based craft development organisation.

We implement innovative programmes to generate sustainable business for craft artisans in the developing world through:

Product development

Practical and tailored training, and

Enhanced market access.

Our work has two strong foundations:

Cultural respect, and

Limiting environmental impact through frugal use of resources.

We assist artisans to expand livelihood opportunities and boost their incomes. We collaborate through enterprise training and design collaboration, drawing on local and international expertise.

By 2021 our work had empowered 8 312 crafters.

By January 2016 the Trust had made possible sales for craft enterprises totalling more than US $3.8 million.

17 of every 20 crafters we work with are women.

The Trust is a South African-registered not-for-profit trust, Reg. IT643/05(T) 045-734-NPO