what we do

We implement programs which enable the growth of commercially viable craft enterprises and invest in the holistic support of crafters and the sector. We have a commitment to build profitable craft businesses which can provide sustainable income for crafters and their families, and to foster a sense of empowerment, pride, and self-sufficiency which will continue to grow beyond our involvement. Our approach to product development, business skills training, and market access are integrated and holistic in order to ensure sustainable growth.

Product Development & Design:

We offer cutting edge and innovative product development, based on current market knowledge. By utilizing expert designers in collaboration with talented crafters, our product development workshops result in competitive products which can be seen in retail shops from Johannesburg to New York.

Market Access:

The critical result of our work is generating new sales for craft enterprises and linking them to new markets. Whether through tailored marketing missions or exhibition in top trade shows, our objective is to create sustainable links between craft businesses and buyers in the market.

Business training-

We offer hands on training programs, focused on building the capacity of crafters to compete in the marketplace build solid foundations for economic growth. Whether through our Access Markets for Profit Program, a customized training, or our Training of Trainers, our training programs are designed to bring practical, tangible results. READ MORE >>>

The Africa Craft Trust is a grant funded organization and our work would not be possible without our partners and the generous support of a range of public and private sector foundations and individuals. The following is a list of our partners and contributors over the years.

Kellogg Foundation, Ford Foundation, Royal Bafokeng Enterprise Development, UNESCO, UMCOR, USAID, Aid to Artisans, CEDARTE, CCDI, Women's Net, Open Africa, Africa Meets Africa, Twig Advertising, Peace Corps, The New Basket Workshop, The Bat Shop, Phumani Paper, NANDO's, Moyo Jasiri and BASA.

“Royal Bafokeng Enterprise Development would like to submit this as confirmation of our support for the Africa Craft Trust and their work in South Africa. The Trust has implemented a successful program on behalf of RBED and we highly recommend their work. The Trust has a history of success with craft development programs and crafters, other craft stakeholders in South Africa could benefit greatly from working with them.”
-Motlapele C Tumagole, 2011